Umpire and Classification Requirements

Umpiring Recreation Baseball:
Depending on when a new umpire applies to MAC, they will be required to attend a "crash course" from our staff instructors to get them trained and familiar with our policies and procedures. Subsequent training will include a six (6) week course which goes into much greater detail of how to become an umpire. These classes usually begin in February, and they will get the umpire field ready for the upcoming season. They will be exposed to rules, mechanics, cage training and PowerPoint presentations. Other than described above, no certification is required to work at this level.

Umpiring Maryland High School Baseball - MPSSAA:
Every umpire is required to attend the same above-mentioned six (6) week course. Umpires will be categorized according to their ability and experience. In addition to the classroom and cage work described above, umpires will be tested throughout the training sessions. In order to advance, each official will need to successfully complete all course requirements. Simply attending does not guarantee advancement. Once completed, the umpire will be considered a Veteran Official. Each umpire is required to be registered with the State of Maryland, and pass the High School test. Per the MPSSAA, 1st year umpires are not required to take the test, however, we encourage everyone to participate. There are no additional certification required to work at the High School level in Maryland.

Umpiring Virginia High School League Baseball - VHSL:
Our association requires the same training as Maryland. The State of Virginia, however, has some additional requirements. Virginia requires each umpire to be Certified by the State. Officials need to register online and pay a fee. They are also required to pass the State Test.

Umpiring Babe Ruth Baseball:
Our association has the same criteria outlined for our Recreation and High School Baseball training. There is no certification needed unless the official wants to work in the State Playoffs. Officials need to apply online and register with Babe Ruth National Umpires Association and Virginia Babe Ruth Baseball. Umpires will need to pass the Babe Ruth Test first, then apply online with the Virginia State Babe Ruth Association.

Umpiring Junior College Baseball - JUCO:
For those wishing to get to the highest level possible, JUCO Baseball is the first step to getting there. At this point in your umpiring career, you will have had several years of training and working games. To get to this level, umpires would be invited to attend advanced training sessions, Showcase games where they can be seen by some of our top evaluators, clinics and camps. All College umpires are required to attend at least one (1) week long camp. This training is part of our contract with our clients.

Umpiring College Baseball - Division I to Division III:
Anyone fortunate enough to get to this level has excelled in all of the prior levels. Each umpire, per contract with our clients, are required to attend at least one (1) week long camp for advanced training. They will be evaluated by of top College and Professional Staff umpires, and also seen and evaluated by the Conference Coordinator. Upon completion, they will receive a Certificate and will be eligible to work College Baseball.

Game Requirements

  • Get the proper Umpire Uniform based on the level of games you'll be working.

  • Sign Up Online and new umpires will receive an email from containing an invitation to join MAC. Create a Login ID and strong Password.

  • Complete Availability information by logging onto, click the “Sign In” icon on the Mid-Atlantic Umpires organization line, and then click “Blocks” tab to open the Calendar.

  • You are REQUIRED ​to keep your availability up-to-date. This can be done while in the “Blocks” tab, by clicking the appropriate selection under the “Action” tab on the far left section on your screen. So if you are unavailable to work on a particular day, select “Block All Day” under the Action tab, then move your cursor to the appropriate day on the calendar and click that date. The assignors need to know in advance of scheduling any days you are unavailable to work. If a scheduling conflict arises and you cannot accept a game assignment, CALL the hotline immediately at 703-978-3601. ​All new assignments are automatically accepted​ under the assumption that you are available to work because the date would have been blocked in advance.

  • Contact your partner at least 24 hours​ before​ the game. Confirm the date, time, location, and meeting place. If you are unable to confirm your assignment by the morning​ of the scheduled game, call the hotline and let them know.

  • Look up the game site through Google Maps and be sure you know how to get to the field. If you are assigned a field that you have never been to before, ask your partner for directions, and leave a little earlier in case you get lost. Have your partner's cell phone number handy so he can guide you in. You must arrive ​at the game site at least 45 minutes​ prior to the start time.

  • Crews should make every effort to park at a distance away from players, fans, coaches, and team buses.

  • Have a good pre-game conference with your partner. Use this time to discuss mechanics and procedures, local league rules, time limits, and curfews.

  • In case of Inclement Weather, it is the umpire’s responsibility to know the status of a possible cancellation. For regular high school or college games, call the MAC Admin Staff at 703-978-3601 to obtain game status. For recreation games, be alert for a message to cancel from the assignor. Do NOT start a game if in your judgement the field is unsafe for play.

  • Arrive at home plate at least​ 5 minutes​ prior to game time. Discuss league rules, ground rules, time limits, and safety with both Head Coaches.

  • If a team does not have enough players, you may wait up to 30 minutes prior to declaring a forfeit if you feel the team is likely to field enough players. You will be paid a full fee for legitimate forfeits. Do NOT work a “practice” game.

  • Act professionally and responsibly during the game. Do not use profanity. Do not use tobacco in any form at any level from the time you arrive until the time you leave the game site. Coaches and/or players should be ejected for using tobacco or for poor sportsmanship. ALL ​ejections must be called in IMMEDIATELY after the game to MAC Admin Staff at 703-978-3601. The MAC Admin Staff will directy you who to contact based on league assignment. An ejection report will need to be filled out in most cases.

  • Have a good post-game with your partner. Do NOT​ skip this step. This is one of the best ​ways to learn from one another. Discuss any rules problems, strike zone, questionable calls, mechanics, coverages, attitude, and any incidents that may have occurred.

  • Complete the game report on immediately after the game through your cell phone if possible, and indicate any aspect of the game that may affect fees, such as an umpire being late or absent, forfeits, rainouts, cancellations etc.

  • Fill out a Paysheet after the game to ensure that games are listed in chronological order. Keep a separate paysheet for the following 4 classifications of games – College, School Games, Spring & Summer Recreation, and Fall Recreation.

  • MOST of all . . . Have fun!!!